Discover the New Shape of Sustainability

Standing out in the market, the KPak is ParTerra Packaging's 4, 6, or 8oz solution to your packaging needs. A waste-reducing design that improves sustainability and protects your bottom line, the KPak is a fun, user-friendly alternative to traditional portioned packages.

Benefits of KPak

  • Space efficient — KPak requires 22% less space than cartons and 33% less space than cups. Inventory can be contained in less space.
  • Footprint efficiency — KPak's efficient footprint reduces secondary packaging compared to cartons and cups, resulting in reduced freight and inventory carrying costs.
  • Minimizes waste Par Packaging’s team focused on making the KPak highly compactable, significantly reducing the amount of space required for disposal and upping the ante towards a more sustainable option in disposable packaging.

*All specifications contained on the web site are subject to change, and final specifications will depend on the customer's individual application.




Tetrahedron Shape Packaging

MPak is ParTerra Packaging's unique, tetrahedron package (0.5 to 4.0 fl oz.) that fits a great deal of quality and sustainability into an innovative, compact shape. The notched, perforated and pull-tab opening systems allow for easy and complete dispensing of your products with no need for utensils. Besides being a favorite of processers, MPak is also a fun, consumer-friendly option that allows easy storage and recycling.

Benefits of MPak

  • Package functionality — Package is easier to open than most portion control packages, improving your customer’s experience.
  • Product evacuation — The unique packaging format allows consumers to easily evacuate the package contents without a utensil, with less waste due to inaccessible product.
  • Space efficient — Since the MPak features a unique nesting shape, less storage space is needed.
  • Product : Package ratio — MPak is lightweight and the most efficient use of packaging material per unit volume of product.
  • Minimizes waste — MPak is highly compactable, significantly reducing the amount of space required for disposal.